ONE THIRTY, one minute and thirty seconds, is the journalistic term for the average length of time allotted to a story in a news block to convey all the essential information about an event. is the average length allotted for a news block feature. 


Daily, for the last 10 years, I have been photographing news images of the Western television networks with a focus on protest, riots, war, violence and the consequences thereof.  The protests of the "Arab Spring", at the end of 2010, were followed by many others, such as the Gezipark protests, the protests on the Maidan, the umbrella protests in Hong Kong, the protests in Myanmar and Belarus, the protests of the Black Live Matter movement and many more. 


The documentation of news images currently comprises about 35,000 photographs. Based on these news images, I am developing the hybrid photographs EINSDREISSIG, which will become components of the ARCHIVE EINSDREISSIG. The photographic material is currently being entered into a database and linked to the corresponding content contexts and search terms. The archive pages can be read like a walk through politically motivated events of the last 10 years. Through the search function of the database, new levels of connection and perception can be created. 


The ARCHIVE EINSDREISSIG is designed as a long-term documentation.